The ‘Premium Skin Expert’ Program Helping 5,996 Skin Therapists Elevate Their Confidence & Never Second-Guess Themselves Again

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Our Premium Skin Expert Program empowers you with the knowledge and skills to confidently support your clients through complex skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Eczema and Psoriasis. From anatomy knowledge to conducting effective consultations, you’ll discover everything you need to achieve the best possible results for your clients!

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Premium Skin Expert Program

Master both the foundational and advanced knowledge of skin anatomy and skin conditions in an engaging, easy-to-understand program. You’ll be able to confidently support any client and never second guess yourself again!

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Advanced Skin Needling
  • FREE BONUS: Consultation Masterclass

This program gives you 90 days to work through the program (30 day extensions available for $20 if needed).

$720.00 AUD $1,775.00 AUD 100% Money Back Guarantee
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Premium Skin Expert Program

Premium Skin Expert Program

$720.00 $1,775.00

“After finishing The Premium Program by Lia I felt so emotional that I just had to call her and share my gratitude!! I was a very lucky recipient of one of the Skin International scholarships and the minute I finished Level 1 things were clicking right into place. By the time I completed all 30 hours I was overwhelmed with feelings of thanks, excitement and AH-HA moments! I have been in the industry for 6 years and finally everything I had been taught by work places or self taught have fallen into the right places in my mind and everything Lia has taught me has filled in all the gaps and heavily linked all my prior knowledge together so that is it no longer freely scrambled at random. Talking to my clients has never been easier and retrieving the info I needed from within my mind has never had more confidence or self trust!! I learned new topics which blew my mind and we went over topics that I only had tip of the iceberg education on. I’m so so so beyond grateful. I have already recommended Lia to all my Skin loving friends from school and will continue to recommend her to everyone else in our industry! Thank you Lia, you are exactly who I needed to bridge the gap.”

Maddy Bona Australia

Feel 100% Confident In Your Ability And Achieve The Best Possible Outcomes For Your Clients

Feel 100% Confident In Your Ability And Achieve The Best Possible Outcomes For Your Clients

Don’t think your studies covered everything you need to be a great Skin Therapist? Get stuck, second guess yourself, or feel pushy when recommending treatments or products to your clients? Worry you’ll never be 100% confident in your ability, even after years of hands-on experience? Then the Premium Skin Expert Program is for YOU! It covers all the knowledge you need to transform yourself from an ‘imposter’ to a ‘Master Skin Therapist’ in just 90 days!

  • Never feel insecure or unsure of yourself again
  • Recommend treatments and products without being ‘salesy’
  • Achieve the best possible outcomes for your clients

Banish Imposter Syndrome Forever And Become A Master Skin Therapist Who Can Confidently Support Any Client

Know Exactly What To Do Each Time A New Client Walks Through Your Door

Know Exactly What To Do Each Time A New Client Walks Through Your Door

Are there moments when you don’t know how to best support a client? You’re not alone! Many therapists – even experienced ones – feel like they have ‘gaps’ in their knowledge, and don’t understand skin conditions well enough to treat them effectively. The Premium Skin Expert Program covers all the information you’ll ever need as a skin therapist in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. The next time a new client walks through your doors, you’ll know how to safely and confidently progress them towards their dream outcome!

  • Make complex skin conditions easy
  • Eliminate ‘gaps’ in your knowledge of skin anatomy
  • Master advanced treatments to achieve transformational results

Banish Imposter Syndrome Forever And Become A Master Skin Therapist Who Can Confidently Support Any Client

Hear From Our 5,996+ Skin Therapists!

Imagine Being Able To Achieve Transformational Results Like These For Your Clients

Banish Imposter Syndrome Forever And Become A Master Skin Therapist Who Can Confidently Support Any Client

Finally, Feel Assured In Your Ability And Knowledge As A Skin Therapist!

Master The A-Z Of Being A Skin Therapist

Gain expert knowledge and hands-on experience to excel in the industry, with four comprehensive courses designed specifically for working skin specialists.

Make Complex Conditions And Treatments Easy

31 hours of fun, bite-sized classes that make complicated skin conditions and treatments easy to understand so you can recall the knowledge on demand!

Skyrocket Your Confidence

Gain unwavering confidence in your knowledge and skillset as a Skin Therapist and never feel insecure about your abilities or second guess yourself again.

Advance Your Career

Whether you’re a newly qualified Skin Therapist or an experienced one, you’ll finish with the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals, all on your own terms.

Banish Imposter Syndrome Forever And Become A Master Skin Therapist Who Can Confidently Support Any Client

What Makes Skin Education International The #1 Place To Elevate Your Expertise As A Skin Therapist?

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Money-back guarantee
197+ 5-star reviews
Easy-to-understand lessons
Holistic approach to skincare
Study anywhere, anytime



1-on-1 Coaching



Flexible payment options



Certificate of completion



Study With The Skin Industry’s Leading Online Educational Provider!

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Access course materials online, download supporting documents and complete your modules whenever and wherever you choose… so you can easily balance study with work, family and other commitments.

Receive Certificate of Completion

Finish the course with a Certificates of Completion you can proudly add to your portfolio to set you apart from other Skin Therapists!

Receive One-On-One Coaching

Receive tailored support and one-on-one mentorship to speed up your progress and become a master skin therapist who helps clients achieve transformational results!

Pay Using AfterPay Or ZipPay

Our flexible payment options mean you can invest in your career now, without having to pay the entire fee upfront!

Meet Your Educator, Lia Trebilcock: Skin Therapist, International Educator With Over 20 Years of Experience in Holistic & Advanced Skin Therapy. 

  • Qualified Skin Therapist

  • 5,996+ Therapists Taught

  • 20+ Years Of Experience

  • 197+ 5-star reviews

Meet Your Educator, Lia Trebilcock: Skin Therapist, International Educator With Over 20 Years of Experience in Holistic & Advanced Skin Therapy. 

My career began in 2002 with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. After graduating, I worked in a 5-Star Day Spa and gained hands-on experience in the beauty industry. But it wasn’t until 2003 when I opened a clinic where I worked side-by-side with Naturopaths that I had my biggest breakthrough. I discovered the holistic approach necessary to completely transform chronic skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Pigmentation, and Psoriasis. 

Since then, I’ve studied Naturopathic Nutrition, Skin Needling, Education and become a sought-after educator for thousands of therapists both in Australia and around the world. I started Skin Education International to equip Dermal & Beauty Therapists, Cosmetic Nurses, Naturopaths and everyone in between with the confidence and knowledge to treat any skin condition! My mission is simple: help as many skins as possible.

Level Up Your Skin Expertise In 30 Days - Guaranteed!

Level Up Your Skin Expertise In 30 Days - Guaranteed!

We stand behind our courses and their ability to exceed your expectations. If you are not satisfied with your learning experience, simply let us know within the first 30 days of completing the course and we’ll process a full refund - no questions asked!

*T&Cs apply

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Donna Leescot
Loved it!

I thought I already had a deep understanding of the skin but wow this course took it to the next level! The way the information was presented made it so easy to follow along! I’m so happy I decided to do this course!

Sarah Waheed
Premium Skin Expert Program

Thank you for this course it was great valuable information I feel I am confident to start my business now Thank you again

Astrid Sanchez Perez
Easy to digest content!

I’ve been refreshing and clarifying a lot of little things and not yet finishing the first part of the course. Really excited for what’s about to come.

Join 5,996+ Therapists Who Are Now Confidently Treating Complex Skin Conditions

Skin Education International

I have just completed the Level 1 course and I am absolutely blown away by the knowledge I have gained.

I completed my VTCT's (UK Courses) and I have learned more in this course than I ever did in those.

Lia makes the course so easy to understand and shows you how to put everything into practice.

I cannot wait to complete the next two courses.

Lucy Hart

Skin Education International

I recently finished my Level 1 course online with Lia and as a skin therapist it was the best thing I could’ve done! I feel so much more confident with my clients, even though much of the course is based on revision from the Diploma, it is all much more relevant and useful now that I’m working in the industry and can use it in context! I keep my notes in my bag everyday to refer to them when I need to and they have helped me immensely! Thank you Lia, you really are the best!

Taylor Gunn

Skin Education International

Lia has so much information and knowledge to share! Her course was super helpful and very easy to understand. She made the course very fun and enjoyable and I have learnt so much. Could not recommend more!

Frances Waterfall

Skin Education International

I just completed level one and am so happy with the quality of this course. Lia explains everything so well it’s very easy to understand. I am new to the skin world and in the process of studying to change careers, I wish all teachers explained things as well as Lia does. Definitely recommend this course!

Monica Joyce

Skin Education International

I have just finished Lia's online level 2 advanced course and can't recommend it highly enough. Lia is extremely informative, articulate and knowledgeable when it comes to skin and this allows for an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. I am so glad I had the opportunity to do it!

Amba Brennan

Skin Education International

I would highly recommend Lia and her training to absolutely anyone wanting to learn more about the skin. She teaches in such a simple and genuine way that you know she wants to empower all her students with her knowledge. She makes everyone feel at ease and her passion for teaching shines through.

Thank you Lia 

Dawn Burke

Skin Education International

I have completed Level 1 & 2 online recently and really recommend! I wasn’t sure how I would go with online study - but the videos were so educational and explained so well by Lia I loved it and retained so much information! So much content detail I didn’t feel like I missed anything out. Lia then gave me a follow up phone call to answer any of my questions loved it!!! Can recommend to anyone! Looking forward to the skin needling course coming up!

Marissa Mallia 

Skin Education International

Thank you so so much for your amazing course. You are brilliant!! I thought coming into the course it would just be a brush up on what I already knew, BUT wow I have learnt so much more from you and now have a whole new view on skin and skin health. Your truly amazing with your knowledge and teaching abilities, I found it so very easy to follow all the way through your courses. Thank you again. I have been sure to pass on your info to all of my beauty therapist friends. 

Alanna Quinn

Skin Education International

I have just completed Level 1 & 2 online and wow! What a fun and interactive way to learn in the comfort of my home. I feel so much more confident as a Skin Therapist and am excited to start achieving some incredible results for my clients. Lia is so transparent and professional in her delivery and is the sweetest soul. Thankyou so much for having me.

Renee Fennell

Skin Education International

I highly recommend Lia’s education. She offers a wealth of knowledge and shares it all so generously. Lia is readily available to answer any more questions after the course is finished which is very reassuring. I was a bit nervous doing an online course but Lia translates theory into practice making it easy to understand for anyone keen on improving and keeping up to date with their skin knowledge. Thanks Lia!

Emma Ford

Skin Education International

This has got to be THEE best training I have done.

The depth of this training is absolutely amazing.

Lia is so knowledgable I'm actually sad the training is over.

I recommend this training to every person who wants to learn about Skin Anatomy and in depth knowledge about Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation and much much more.

This training will make you go WOW!!!!

Renee Sciascia

Skin Education International

Lia is extremely knowledgable and exceptionally professional. I'm so pleased I have attended your Courses Lia, they have been most beneficial. Your course structure and content are easy to follow and understand plus your delivery tops it all off to make sure that we retain the information! Very much looking forward to continued up-skilling with any future courses.

Marie August

Skin Education International

Lia’s courses are comprehensive, easy to follow and manageable. Having the lessons broken down means you can easily fit in a lesson when you have a busy schedule and the information is so clear and concise. Not only that but she is delightful and a pleasure to learn from. I’m very grateful to have discovered Skin Education International. Thank you.

Anna Dale

Skin Education International

Level 1 & 2 were so informative and interesting even though I have been a skin therapist for the past 23 years and a Cidesco and Itec teacher for 5 years. I have expanded my knowledge again and am putting into practice my new knowledge in my salon. Looking forward to the advanced needling course. Thanks Lea for keeping the hours interesting and worthwhile.

Taryn Marriott


Sign Up To Our ‘Premium Skin Expert Program’ And Become A Master Skin Therapist In 90 Days

PLUS Get FREE Access To Our Consultation Masterclass For

Want to confidently support clients with complex skin conditions, recommend the most effective products and treatments without feeling ‘salesy’, and help clients achieve the best possible results? Then sign up for our Premium Skin Expert Program now!

As part of the program, you’ll gain access to 4 of our most popular courses:

  • Level 1 Course: Polish your foundational knowledge. Our Level 1 course helps you master the critical knowledge of skin anatomy so you feel confident when working with clients! (Valued at $375)
  • Level 2 Course: Level 2 dives deeper into common skin conditions, enabling you to work with Acne, Pigmentation Disorders & Inflammatory Skin Conditions and achieve outstanding results for your clients! (Valued at $375)
  • Advanced Skin Needling Course: Discover everything you need to know about skin needling to offer your clients the gold standard in safety, comfort, and results! (Valued at $650)
  • FREE Access to Consultation Masterclass: Perfect your consultation process so you never feel unsure or overwhelmed in front of a client. You’ll be able to diagnose, educate, and recommend the most effective treatment and products with confidence! (Valued at $375)
Total value $1,775.00 AUD For this month Only $720.00 AUD

Banish Imposter Syndrome Forever And Become A Master Skin Therapist Who Can Confidently Support Any Client

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