This Skin Expert’s Breakthrough Coaching Helped 5,996+ Skin Therapists Feel Confident In Their Ability, Conduct Perfect Consultations & Successfully Treat Skin Conditions!

Tired of second-guessing yourself when dealing with challenging skin conditions? Radically elevate your confidence as a Skin Therapist and avoid sounding pushy with clients using Skin Education International's unique approach to skin health!

Finally Gain The Confidence And Knowledge To Treat Skin Conditions

Finally Gain The Confidence And Knowledge To Treat Skin Conditions

If you’re like many therapists, you feel your studies didn’t properly prepare you for the working world. Whether it’s a gap in your anatomy knowledge, a particular skin condition that causes you difficulty, or a lack of confidence conducting client consultations... being a Skin Therapist is tough when you’re constantly second guessing yourself. But don’t give up or change careers just yet – because I’m here to help!

My name is Lia Trebilcock. I equip Dermal & Beauty Therapists, Cosmetic Nurses, and Naturopaths with the confidence and knowledge to treat skin conditions with ease. My unique coaching method makes being a Skin Therapist simple – so you can help clients achieve the best possible outcomes and enjoy a long, successful career in the industry!

Never Second Guess Yourself Or Feel ‘Pushy’ When Recommending Products And Treatments Again!

Never Second Guess Yourself Or Feel ‘Pushy’ When Recommending Products And Treatments Again!

Do you feel like a pushy salesperson when suggesting products to clients? Are you often unsure which treatment is the most appropriate one to recommend? Do you worry you won’t achieve the best possible results for your clients (or any results at all)? Then my one-on-one coaching and online courses are designed for you!

Everything I teach is clear and easy to understand, so you can recall it automatically when face-to-face with a client. Your skincare knowledge will be so comprehensive you’ll never have to ‘sell’ anything again. Instead, you can simply recommend the most effective course of action and watch your client achieve transformational results – all thanks to you!

My In-Depth Courses Cover The A-Z Of Excelling As A Skin Therapist


  • Master Skin Anatomy
  • Understand common skin conditions
  • Fine tune your Consultation Skills

Level 1 Online

Level 1 will build or solidify your skincare knowledge. You will quickly gain the confidence you need to treat clients of all skin types and progress them quickly towards their dream outcome.

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  • Develop Advanced Knowledge on how hormones, medications, gut health and more affect the skin
  • Deeply understand Acne, Pigmentation Disorders & Inflammatory skin conditions
  • Start Achieving Transformational results for your clients

Level 2 Online

If you're working with advanced skin conditions and want to truly feel confident in your approach, Level 2 is for you! It equips you with the skills, knowledge and ability to understand conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation Disorders and Inflammatory Skin Conditions both from a topical and internal perspective.

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  • Develop advanced skin knowledge
  • Learn how to treat complex skin conditions
  • Become a more confident and knowledgeable therapist

Level 1 & Level 2 Bundle

Want to dive right in and complete both Level 1 and 2? This bundle enables you to level up your skincare knowledge at a more affordable price. You’ll finish both courses with a clear, comprehensive knowledge of all skin types and conditions!

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  • Optimise Safety And Results for skin needling treatments
  • Learn best practices for preparation and post Treatment Care
  • Get the definite answer on Combining LED, Active Ingredients, Peels & Masks With Skin Needling

Advanced Skin Needling Courses

The Theory Course covers EVERYTHING you need to offer perfect treatments: what happens on a physiological level with Skin Needling… what to look for in a device… how to choose the correct treatment plan for every client… and more!

The Practical Course shows you how to treat all major common skin conditions and complaints - whether its Aging, Pigmentation, Rosacea, Scarring or Acne, you will be able to confidently use skin needling to treat the eyes, lips, full neck, decolletage and scalp!

After the course, you’ll be able to provide the gold standard in safety and comfort, achieve results head and shoulders above your peers, and charge up to $700 for each treatment!

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I’m A Qualified Skin Therapist And International Educator With 20+ Years Of Experience In Holistic & Advanced Skin Therapy

  • 20+ years of experience

  • 197+ 5-star reviews

  • Qualified skin therapist

  • 5,996+ therapists taught

I’m A Qualified Skin Therapist And International Educator With 20+ Years Of Experience In Holistic & Advanced Skin Therapy

My career began in 2002 with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. After graduating, I worked in a 5-Star Day Spa and gained hands-on experience in the beauty industry. But it wasn’t until 2003 when I opened a clinic where I worked side-by-side with Naturopaths that I had my biggest breakthrough. I discovered the holistic approach necessary to completely transform chronic skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Pigmentation, and Psoriasis. 

Since then, I’ve studied Naturopathic Nutrition, Skin Needling, and Education. I've educated students on Skin Needling at a national and international level for over 10 years, and am widely regarded as one of the best in the world at teaching the discipline. I started Skin Education International to equip Dermal & Beauty Therapists, Cosmetic Nurses, Naturopaths and everyone in between with the confidence and knowledge to treat skin conditions! My mission is simple: help as many skins as possible.


Sign Up To My ‘Premium Skin Expert Program’ And Become A Master Skin Therapist In 90 Days

PLUS Get FREE Access To The Consultation Masterclass For this month

Want to understand skin conditions, recommend the most effective products and treatments without feeling ‘salesy’, and help clients achieve the best possible results? Then sign up for the Premium Skin Expert Program now!

As part of the program, you’ll gain access to 4 of our most popular courses:

Level 1 Course

Develop a rock solid foundational Skin knowledge which encompasses everything you should have been taught in college so you feel confident when working with clients. (Valued at $375)

Level 2 Course

Level 2 dives deeper into advanced skin conditions, enabling you to work with Acne, Pigmentation Disorders & Inflammatory Skin Conditions and achieve outstanding results for your clients! (Valued at $375)

Advanced Skin Needling Course

Discover everything you need to know about skin needling to offer your clients the gold standard in safety, comfort, and results! (Valued at $650)

FREE Access to Consultation Masterclass

Perfect your consultation process so you never feel unsure or overwhelmed in front of a client. You’ll be able to diagnose, educate, and recommend the most effective treatment and products with confidence! (Valued at $375)

Total Value $1,775.00 AUD

For This month Only $720.00 AUD

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Join 5,996+ Therapists Who Are Now Confidently Treating Complex Skin Conditions

It’s Never Been This Fast Or Easy To Unlock Complete Confidence In Your Ability As A Skin Therapist!

Make Complex Conditions

And Treatments Easy

My easy-to-digest learning materials make complicated skin conditions and treatments simple so you can recall the knowledge on demand!

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Gain unwavering confidence in your knowledge and skillset as a skin therapist and never feel insecure about your abilities or second guess yourself again!

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Whether you’re a newly qualified therapist or an experienced one, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals on your own terms!

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-One Coaching

All of my courses include tailored support and one-on-one mentorship to speed up your progress and help clients achieve transformational results!

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Access materials online and complete your modules whenever and wherever you choose… so you can easily balance study with work, family and other commitments.

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Flexible payment options mean you can invest in your career now, without having to pay the entire fee upfront!